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About Us

Bedore Tours The Spirit of Adventure!

Our roots go back to 1950, when Gordon Bedore began offering sightseeing tours of Niagara Falls.

Gordon's limousines would leave from the parking lot of Howard Johnson's restaurant (by the way, it's still there as a hotel), and he would personally guide his guests. Often, these guests would be people staying at local campgrounds who wanted a convenient way to experience the Falls.

We've come a long way since then. After years of steady growth, the company was acquired in 1988 by John O'Hear. Today, Bedore Tours has a meticulously-maintained fleet of over 20 vehicles, from VIP vans, 24 passenger Executive Shuttle Buses, 29 & 32 passenger Deluxe Mid-Size Coaches, and 56 passenger 2007-2009 MCI Motorcoaches, available for transfers and touring. We still take great pride in our guided tours of the Niagara Falls area—but today our services go far and wide—we take groups on tours of wine country, visit Washington, D.C., carry sports teams through their seasons and much more.