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Border Crossing Requirements

Border Crossing Requirements

We want you to have no problems crossing the border.

Please make sure to read the following information prior to booking.

Native-born US Citizens:

Enhanced Drivers License, US Passport or US Passport Card.

Naturalized US Citizens:
  • Option 1 - Naturalization Certificate and photo ID
  • Option 2 - US Passport or Permanent Resident Card (US form I-151 or 1-551).
All International Visitors:

Valid machine readable passport with proper travel documents (I-94, Canadian/US Visa if required, IAP-66, J-forms etc).

Here is a link that explains how to get a Canadian Visa.

Foreign Exchange Students:

Must bring along all appropriate paperwork including an IAP-66 (pink form), original I-20 in addition to their passport and I-94 card.

Persons 16 and under:

Original Birth Certificate (if travelling with someone other than parent/legal guardian should bring a letter from Parent/legal guardian giving them permission to travel to Canada.)

For more information visit: