Nikola Tesla and Niagara Falls

Nikola Tesla inventor of hydroelectric power.

July 10th was Nikola Tesla's birthday. Everyone on the planet should celebrate because Nikola Tesla lit up the world. The Niagara Falls region, in particular, celebrates Nikola Tesla and his accomplishments. Both cities of Niagara Falls, in Canada and the United States, honor Tesla with monuments to him. Tourists in the area quickly learn how important Tesla was to Niagara Falls and vice-a-versa.

In 1895, in conjunction with Westinghouse, Tesla's first alternate current hydro-electric power plant went into operation at Niagara Falls. This was the beginning of the electrification of the world. Electricity is generated, transmitted, and converted to mechanical power by Tesla's inventions. His AC induction motor, used throughout the world in industry and household appliances, started the industrial revolution of the 20th century. Tesla's coil is essential to the function of radio, TV, and other electrical equipment. He is the father of many devices we take for granted today and the list is impressive.

His inventions include:
*fluorescent light
*laser beams
*wireless communication
*wireless transmission of electrical energy
*remote control
*vertical take off aircraft

Nikola Tesla may be one of the last century's overlooked inventors, but Niagara Falls keeps his memory and his achievements front and center. We would be in the dark without him.