The Cuisine of Niagara Falls: A Foodie's Delight

The cuisine of Niagara Falls is a Foodie's delight, but you don't have to be a Foodie to indulge in our favorite local dishes and international fare.

With only 20 miles between Niagara Falls, NY and Buffalo, NY, and only 28 miles between Niagara Falls, Ontario and Buffalo, NY you can be sure that we are noshing on wings...that's chicken wings or Buffalo wings to the rest of the world, but locally, we simply refer to them as wings. You can enjoy various degrees of hot wings at any of our pizza joints and most restaurants. They come with a variety of sauces such as BBQ, Honey Mustard, Honey Garlic, Jamaician Jerk and even drenched in Jack Daniels. However, it is the Buffalo sauces, if you will, that locals prefer. You can pick your poison, or in this case, your scorcher. Buffalo sauces come in mild, medium, hot, very hot, very very hot, and suicidal.  You will need a fire extinguisher for your mouth.

Beef on Weck is also a local favorite. Slow-roasted roast beef is piled high on a hard roll sprinkled with salt and kimmelweck seeds. Freshly ground horseradish gives the sandwich a kick. Poutine is a Canadian dish originating in Quebec, but you can be sure its popularity has crossed the border. This dish starts with French Fries doused in a light brown gravy and topped with cheese curds. Depending on where you go, different cheeses, like cheddar or gouda can top the fries instead of the curds. Being situated between two Great Lakes, Erie and Ontario, we are all about fish dinners. Most Mom and Pop diners and local taverns serve up Fish Frys on Fridays. The typical fish fry is beer battered, deep fired, and usually served with potato or macaroni salad, French fries, coleslaw, and bread and butter. In Canada, a fish fry is known as Fish and Chips.

Delicious, classic Italian dishes that would make Mama proud can be found in one of our fine Italian restaurants in Niagara Falls. Our more famous Italian restaurants, like Como's, Fortuna's, and Michael's are located in the Little Italy neighborhood of Niagara Falls, NY. They each have their own signature sauces and pasta specialties as well as amazing homemade desserts. The old Polish neighborhood still has a few excellent Polish restaurants serving dishes from the old country like pierogi, golombki, and Polish sausage, all locally or handmade. 

The food melting pot of Niagara Falls also includes Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Brazilian, and French cuisine. Plus, you will find our local donut king, Tim Horton's, neighborhood bakeries, taverns, gastropubs, ice cream parlors, pancake houses, neighborhood drive-ins and diners staffed with friendly people all happy to serve you. Niagara Falls area restaurants are sure to satisfy any taste. You can, literally, eat your way around the Falls. Bon Appetit!